A Little Bit About Us. . .

  • The Kelsey Cemetery was established in about 1850 during the height of the Gold Rush.

  • It is located at 6553 Kelsey Road in the community of Kelsey, California.

  • The Kelsey Cemetery District (KCD) was established in 1938, and serves the communities of Kelsey, Spanish Flat and parts of Garden Valley.

  • The Cemetery is still active and burial plots are available for sale.

  • Tax support from District residences is minimal.

  • Sale of burial rights and fees make up the remainder of the District budget.

  • Donations of time or money are always welcome to enhance the care of the Cemetery.

James Marshall lived out
his final years in Kelsey
and was a great supporter
of community life.

Residents, since the Gold Rush, have this cemetery as their final resting place.
Many of the friends, neighbors and business partners of gold discoverer James Marshall
are interred here. Many, many Divide families have ancestors and family here.

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Entrance to Kelsey Pioneer Cemetery