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Cemetery Info & Arrangements... who is eligible and what to do.

     The Kelsey Pioneer Cemetery deserves to be supported. It has been an important part of the communities of southern Garden Valley and Kelsey for 168 years! Since 1938, it has been operated by the Kelsey Cemetery District, a Special District established under State law, giving control of most functions to a local Board of Trustees.

     District residents who wish to take advantage of very reasonable costs for purchase of burial plots may do so. Non-residents with family or ancestral ties to someone already buried here may also purchase a plot, but pay an out-of-District price. For a complete list of who can be buried here, click on the link under See "Who is Eligible" below.  To view or download a Kelsey Cemetery Brochure, CLICK HERE.


OVERVIEW: for those who qualify

     For individuals or families who are interested in purchasing a burial plot, the Kelsey Pioneer Cemetery has over 200 plots currently available. But, because it is a Special District, there are limitations to who may be interred here.  Click HERE to see/download "Who Can Be Buried in Here?"

     A plot may be used for burial of up to 4 cremated remains. .

     Green burials, which allow families an option that does not require environmentally unwise embalming or expensive caskets, are allowed and account for half of recent interments.

     For general information on Green Burials click on these links:

     *Is Green Burial For You? (article/PDF download)

     *Important Facts (in general)

     *FAQ about Green Burials (Green Burial Council)

 Contact Kelsey Cemetery District for our policies and practices.

Grounds of the Kelsey Pioneer Cemetery
Kelsey District Map

FEES:  General (Services & Fee Schedule)

         The price for burial plots is $800 for District residents/land-owners, and $1,250 for eligible non-district residents.  Part of this cost goes toward current District expenses, and a portion (currently $150) goes to an endowment fund for long-term care and maintenance of the grounds. 

     For a complete list of services and fees, refer to fee schedule (PDF below).  Some restrictions apply for out-of-district resident burials.

     Kelsey is one of a few cemeteries in this area to allow green burials.  A green burial allows families an option that does not require expensive and environmentally unwise embalming or expensive caskets.  It is a purer return to the earth, and for some, may be a preferred alternative to cremation. 

     As with all burials, a burial permit from the El Dorado County Health Department is still required for a green burial.

     Services & Fees (click here to print or download PDF)

     For any unanswered questions, please call 530.303.2445.

Who is Eligible?
     Kelsey Cemetery District Map (MAP PDF)

     Do you, and or your family, meet the eligibility requirements needed to purchase a plot in Kelsey Pioneer Cemetery? 

     "Who is Eligible" - to view/download PDF  Click here

     The KC District includes the southern 2/3rds of Garden Park, southern Garden Valley, Kelsey, Spanish Flat, and Chili Bar.  See attached map.

     Download PDF Map.  Do you live within the district boundaries? 

Contact us for answers to your questions or to make arrangements.

     To view or download the Kelsey Cemetery BrochureCLICK HERE.

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